Asset Management

Our asset management function is about identifying and exploiting the opportunities that property ownership can bring, as well as defending value when circumstances dictate. Working on a large portfolio that has expanded over a 10 year period means we have a proven track record in identifying and implementing value-add initiatives. We thrive on delivering innovative solutions in order to realise the full potential of investments in our care.

We are proactive in attitude and work closely with our in-house property management team to identify opportunities to add value, as well as covering downside risk by putting in place contingency plans for dealing with potential issues before they arise.

One of the cornerstones of our approach is to consider any initiative in the context of the existing capital structure and if required, provide advice on and delivery of a complementary funding solution. Our asset management strategy wraps around the investments capital structure and includes the expertise to work with and manage lenders.

Collective Expertise

Working closely with our in-house property management team maximises the potential for added value.

Coordinated Action

Important details are identified and exploited.

Investor Understanding

Reaching beyond the property and into the capital structure of any investment.